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if the nuclear situation in japan is not brought under control within the next 24 hours. >> tracie potts has the latest now from washington. >> it appears to be white smoke begun to rise from the number three reactor. >> helicopters are now dropping water on japan's nuclear plant. >> we believe that secondary containment has been destroyed. there is no water in the spent fuel pool. >> no water means nothing to prevent a meltdown. the japanese deny that, but international authorities do believe it's overheating. the u.s. believes radiation levels there are extremely high. with conflicting reports coming from japan, the state department now warns americans to consider leaving or at least stay 50 miles away, 30 miles further than the japanese recommend. >> we are obviously advising american citizens that they listen to the nrc and the state department. >> some experts fear even that's not enough. >> 50 miles is not a safe distance to be in an emergency like that. >> the state department's organizing charter flights out of tokyo for what so far is a voluntary evacuation. president obama called j
forming in japan overnight as the dangers spike in radiation levels force workers to flee for safety. >> those levels have gone down in the last few hours. things are start -- things are far from safe. >> authorities trying to avert a catastrophe. there was damage to number four where rocks were being stored in pools of water. the fuel rods are trying to be cooled while temperatures are trying to be brought down. >> the fuel rod could become fragile. there's a chance of the fuel rod breaking. the radiation material which is normally contained inside the container could seep out. >> japan will last the u.s. military for help. for workers who volunteered, they have faced life threatening levels of radiation. >> they are being exposed to levels of radiation that are life-threatening and will in some cases be fatal. >> this is taken attention away from the humanitarian aspect of the disaster. rescuers have found body after body in piles of rubble. the death toll is estimated to be well over 10,000. thousands more remained missing. those who survived had to make do with very little food,
>> the latest from japan. good morning. >> dozens march against violence after a 19-year-old is killed by gunfire. >> saving the state money by releasing prisoners? what do you think of that plan? >> the kind of day that will give you spring fever. the forecast as we continue right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. happy friday. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thanks for joining us. >> john collins has a check on the forecast. >> a nice run-up yesterday with temperatures well into the 60's. we will continue it and we will keep going up as far as we can. temperatures this morning for our lows are where we would typically big for the highs for this time of year. a nice way to start the day. 55 -- is a dry atmosphere. the barometer is down a bit. have a southwest wind at 7. 52 at the maryland science center. we have some thin clouds that is filtering the moonlight this morning. a terrific day
side. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> rescue efforts continue in japan. thousands still remain unaccounted for. >> the nuclear power plant crisis continues. kristen dahlgren has the latest from tokyo. >> with heavy equipment and bare hands, rescue workers continue the desperate search for survivors. virtually every piece of debris that's moved away reveals an increasingly grim scene. >> my relatives and friends are missing after the tsunami destroyed the village. they were all washed away. >> in one area, reports of some 2,000 bodies found. the unofficial count -- more than 10,000 still missing. and for the survivors of the quake, surviving the aftermath is proving just as challenging. as temperatures dip below freezing, for many there is no food, no water, no electricity. not even gas to make it to safety. [siren] the sirens still sound as aftershocks and more tsunami warnings bring fresh panic. and then there's this -- another hydrogen explosion, this time in the number three reactor at the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear plant. officials say the reactor ca
were all released to the turkish embassy in tripoli. there were taken into custody last week. in japan, efforts to cool the nuclear reactor had a setback for the smoke was seen coming from two of the four reactors yesterday. the staff was evacuated and were to connect power lines to feed water to the reactors to keep them cool. officials said they would work to restore power to all four reactors and bring the cooling system back on line. >> it is 50 degrees and coming up, this morning's financial news. >> the gunman in the shooting of gabrielle giffords is moving out of arizona temporarily. we will tell you why. >> why is a drug that expectant mothers have been paying less than $20 for suddenly going to cost thousands? what can they do about it? the answer is coming upcoming >> find out who makes the cut in the baltimore ravens cheerleading squad. you could find out this saturday, i have a live report just ahead. >> we have all legs closed on the baltimore-washington parkway and we will tell you where. ou ♪ >> a very good tuesday morning to you. it is 53 degrees downtown. we are insi
>> hundreds of thousands of people in japan are being warned to stay indoors after radiation alarms go off at a nuclear reactor. >> thousands march in annapolis to protest pension reform. >> an award winning lineup of bands will play at this year's preakness. we will when down the list. >> spring is coming up this weekend. the forecast as we continue right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. can we put away the heavy coats and hats? >> opening day for orioles. >> it has snowed in april here before. you can never say never until june. anything can happen in weather. spring does not begin for me until the first round of golf. i will let you know when golf season kicks in. i know some people who love play. partly cloudy skies. we should not see any problems this morning. the clouds will thicken up as we head into this ever don't. we'll
in the last 100 years rocks the island of japan. >> the magnitude 8.9 struck at 1:30 our time just off the northeastern coast am even more damaging than the quake itself was the tsunami it triggered, sending a 13-foot wall of water ashore, washing away entire neighborhoods. nbc's reporter has the latest. >> from our camera reporter in miyagi. >> you can see that wave of water that washed ashore, causing all kinds of mess in cars and buildings and severe, and supposedly there have already been 32 reported deaths. i think we can go back to that report now, is that right? >> we'll get back to that in just ainute. >> heavy rains in our area triggered flooding, causing govern floor martin o'malley to declare a state of emergency. >> the areas hardest hit were near the water, wood lawn in baltimore county, where water flowed over the banks near the woodlawn cemetery with such fury. water also overran roads along golden ring boulevard and essex. let's check out the scene in annapolis, where the waters from the harbor spilled out into the street. it's scenes like this that caused the governor
concerns in japan as the nuclear crisis takes a turn for the worst. >> most of us dodged the snow this weekend. the forecast as we continue. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> tony pann has a check on the forecast. i do not like geit. >> this setup and pattern will stick around for another seven to 10 days. we may see some snow. if you misted over the weekend, you have another chance. -- if you missed it over the weekend, you have another chance. this morning, it will stay dry. but it is cold. temperatures are in the 20's. at least the wind is calm. mix of sunshine and clouds said. high temperature in the upper 40's. we should be in the upper 50's. we will check the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. first we say good morning to sarah. >> good morning. we're starting off at an accident on southbound 95 at 100. it is off to t
the power plant in japan. this comes on the heels of a strong aftershock measuring 6.0 in magnitude. no reports of any damage from that earthquake. power had been restored to the same reactor where the smoke was later seen. crews hope the crews will be able to bring the temperature of the reactor. a teacher has a tale to tell after spending the last week trying to get out of japan. chris cordish spent the last three years working in takahagi. he told kerry cavanaugh about those first moments when the earthquake struck. >> it sounded like somebody picked iup the building and dropped it. i could not feel my feet on the ground. after 10 seconds, i thought, why is this not stopping. >> only 56 miles out of the shadows of the fukushima plant, he had to limit his time outside. he made it back to america. he said he is looking forward to returning to the school next month when it reopens. >> the pressure on yemen's president to step down continue. the deployment took place after three generals announce their support for non-fault revolution. the countries president said he will honor his p
'll have the latest from japan as radiation levels continue to rise. >> and talk about a long distance haul, we'll take a look at one of our planetary neighbors some 96 million miles away. >> and i am live on a very special day for me. i hear i'll be joined by some very special guests. so stay tuned. >> can't wait for that. as far as your morning commute, not the best. we have rain coming down. at my company, my employees are great... at shopping online. friending absolutely everyone. playing online war games with stoner burnouts. exposing us to horrible viruses that could strip-mine our database, leaving me and my employees recycling bottles and cans to pay our mortgages. over my dead body. i switched to kaspersky. no matter who you are, we've got you covered. kaspersky. the most advanced internet security software. >> welcome back. the time is 12 minutes after 6:00. it is a little colder in the northern suburbs, so keep in mind there could be a little bit of slipping and sliding going on. most of the rain we're seeing is other the eastern shore counties and along the beaches. but we are r
the japan plant showed radiation. officials have tried to calm the public and said the amounts of radiation was very small. experts expect the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami to top 18,000. >> the rules are changing when it comes to children and car safety seats. children should ride in rear- facing car seats until they are two years old. keeping young children in the rear-facing position for as long as possible will hopes prevent if thered and neck in th is an accident. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the latest changes to the guidelines regarding children and car safety seats? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> 6:08. 45 degrees on tv hill. don't expect any t-mobile commercials to bash at&t wireless. >> a freight train jumped the tracks and slams into a car. >> mourners flock to the berlin zoo. >> it is creek week this week. enjoyably lovely spread of greek food with special deals. i have details on that. tracking and accident on the harrisburg express
of the crippled nuclear power plants in japan. officials are describing the situation as a grave. >> it looks like a spring continues to stall. when a lot warmup -- when will it warm up? [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> tony pann has a check on the forecast. >> the rest of the week will feel like we jumped backwards to february. back to the future. for today, not bad. we have clear skies. no rain or snow to talk about. 29 degrees at the airport. maybe colder in the northern suburbs. no wind to speak of. mostly sunny today. 52. that is still way below average for this time of year. first we say good morning to sarah. >> good morning. a few defective traffic lights to talk about. mesa avenue, watch for defective traffic lights. at windsor mill, another problem involving traffic lights. be careful. the jfx is moving well, 61 miles per hour just beyo
that would develop offshore wind energy. critics say it is too expensive. >> workers in japan are being treated for injuries and exposure to radioactive elements. they were laying electrical cables. it is not clear how they were injured. tokyo residents are stocking up on bottled water. new developments in the libyan conflict. nato has started to shoulder a larger share of the mission to enforce the u.n. mandate. lawmakers continued to question the cost of the u.s. role. kate amara joins us live with more on the story. good morning to you. >> pressure mounting on the president. he is talking about the u.s. exit strategy. in the libyan capital, anti- aircraft fire lit up the sky once again. u.s.-led coalition forces continue to carry out air strikes. and now, nato war ships are patrolling off libya's coast, enforcing the u.n. arms embargo. >> at the same time, nato has completed plans to help enforce the no-fly zone. >> the white house wants to hand off control of the military operation within days. >> the united states' role once that environment is shaped is actually significantly redu
financial news. >> the details of the scope of the impact of that growing nuclear crisis in japan. find out what they are doing. >> one of the most common over- the-counter medications is being recalled. this morning's consumer alert. >> we are playing with this steel drum band. we are here at parkville high school. we have a live caribbean flair coming up. >> we are in pretty good shape of an area roadways. a couple of things to talk about. we' >> a very good morning. it is 43 degrees downtown. will be a great, rainy, maybe even a snowy night tonight. but we do not care. we're getting in the beach flare. the stell drum band -- the steel drum band concert at parkvale. what do like about playing steel drums? >> it's fun. it's totally different. is a great experience. >> i am having fun banging on it as well. interesting history. >> it originated in trinidad. it comes from the oil drums back there. they had been developed throughout the years. >> they have everything from the treble, the altos to the bass. >> the vocal part. we have a soprano, alto, tenor. >> it will be allowed. it is going t
. >> some breaking news out of japan. a leak detector inside one of those reactors of the damaged nuclear plant. people living within 18 miles of the plant should consider a voluntary evacuation. flopped over the incident at reagan national airport where two airports landed without assistance from the tower. we will have the latest on that. a woman kidnapped as a child reunited with her real family 37 years later. that and much more ahead when we get started this morning right here on "today." >> thank you. 30 degrees on tv hill. >> we will come back and check on the weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day. stay with us. >> how is looking outside? >> it is freezing. eastbound northern parkway is still shut down for a water main break. we do have a crash in windsor mill at berkeley woods road. and road and baltimore national pike, a crash t her here. carroll county, we have a crash at route 26 a route 27. this is the northwest corner of the beltway at old court road. traffic not looking too bad for this time of the morning. there are some icy spots out there. >>
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15